6 thoughts on ““Away” chosen for best books of 2007

  1. Is the last part re marriage, children and retirement all a ghost story; I did get lost at the end, Barbara

    Re Away

  2. Hi,

    Having completed “Away”, I would love to touch base with the author, Amy Bloom about the ending.

    I have learned that she will be on Long Island on 5/11, and hope to try and get there; however, would love feedback in the present. I felt the whole book was an amazing narrative account, beautifully written… and that the last few chapters seemed to ‘run together quickly’ with no real closure (at least for me).. It jumped many years forward, and perhaps I missed/skipped something, but did Lillyan actually find Sophie? I couldn’t find that, and neither could my friend..

    Hahaha.. maybe it our water here in town..

    Thanks & Best to all!
    Carol Arnold

  3. Hey, there Amy! I wanted to say hi to you on Cesar Chavez’s birthday. He would have been 81 today. He owed a lot of his success to you and me. I read your short stories years ago in a Montessori mothers’ book group with a woman named Pam Vinal, who claimed to have gone to summer camp with you. You know everyone, don’t you? Congratulations on all your books! They are wonderful.

    Louellyn, Smith ’76

  4. Hello Amy: Our book club met last night to discuss “Away”. While we all enjoyed your book we had very different ideas about Lillian and the end. Actually I was the one with a different opinion. I thought all of the tied up loose ends thoughout the book were part of Lillian’s imagination. In particular with the end; Lillian finding John Bishops hand. The wonderful story of them growing old together never happened except in her always coping mind. Am I right?
    Again we enjoyed “Away” and look forward to reading more of your writings. Thank you, Eileen Broadwater. (409) 353.8696

  5. Hi Amy –We runa author bk lu ncheon -proceeds going to local charities –we are seeking author to appear at the Woodbury Clib, Woodbury LI. We have 300 plus guests at this function ..would you be interested? thank you

  6. I really enjoyed “Away” and it got more enjoyable as the book progressed. Some great characters were included…Chinky was my favorite. I don’t think I understood Lillian’s relationship with the father and son at first, but later felt she was kind of shell shocked and just determined to survive. Both men brought her sone comfort. As for the end of the book I think the last paragraph describes Her reunion with John in Dawson right after her boat capsized.
    I especially liked how you told us what happened to people after Lillian moved on. Ellen’s theory that these histories were only Lillian’s imagination was interesting though I don’t agree

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