Where the God of Love Hangs Out #10 on LA Times Bestseller List

Look for the collection of short stories, Where the God of Love Hangs Out, in bookstores. Published in January 2010 by Random House.

9 thoughts on “Where the God of Love Hangs Out #10 on LA Times Bestseller List

  1. Galley just arrived. So long, slush pile of ARCs. Let me know if you’ll come back to read for the Greenwich crowd. Have list, will book venue – Just Books, Arcadia Coffee, Greenwich Arts Council, possibly Manhattanville. I’ll ask Jynne. Hope to see you on tour. Congratulations. Can’t wait to read, then will blog something, tweet something, and post something on facebook. XOX Leslie

  2. The best book I read all year. I want to live with William and Clare (and eat everything described). Can’t wait for the novel. Best wishes for the January 2010 release, and a Happy New Year!

  3. I have been in mourning since I finished Amy Bloom’s short stories (2 books). Now to find out that another book is coming is beyond my wildest hopes. Can’t wait…Lulu

  4. Just finished Away, which I snatched off the shelf at the library while babysitting, said That will do! then went home that night and read it front to back in about 4 hours. Realized I have discovered a wonderful author(ess? ette?). Was surprised to see that Amy Bloom lives in CT, my new home, and thought “Wow, I could have passed you in the street and never knew”.
    Can’t wait for the new book, already on my third in a week. I love books that make me think, long after I have finished them, and this is what Ms. Bloom’s books do for me.
    On a personal note, I hope that the recurring theme of the loss of a child is not from personal experience. Louise Ortega

  5. I fell in love with “Come to me” stories….and everything that came after was equally Beautiful,moving,changing perception of this world stories.Now , Just as I started “…the God of Love…” Clare and William…Mostly Clare and her ability to LOVE like that,- and how Amy Bloom Tells it…tears in my eyes and heart that aches with empathy…the words can do this. Thank you.

  6. On page 37 of ‘Where the God of love hangs out, Isobel and Charles have gone out. Amy tells us Nelson is injured. Then Clare and William, home alone, take him to the kitchen – where she asks Charles to help with Nelson’s cuts. How did Charles get there? I’m puzzled.

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