Lucky Us: Eva and Iris’ Travels

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9. The Nite Cap
Great Neck, Long Island

15. Steppingstone Park
Great Neck, Long Island

14. London, England
Iris in London, post war

13. Eva and Danny’s neighborhood
Old Tree Lane and the AME Zion Church

12. Trutzhain, Germany
Trutzhain Displaced Persons Camp

10. Bismarck, North Dakota
Gus’ internment camp

11. Pforzheim, Germany
Pforzheim, Germany

8. Pride of Israel Orphanage
The imaginary Pride of Israel Orphanage, East Brooklyn (based on numerous Jewish orphanages in New York, prior to World War II)

7. Great Neck, Long Island
The Torellis' house

6. East Brooklyn, NY
Bea and Carnie’s salon, La Bella Donna

5. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios
Culver City, CA

4. Hollywood, CA
Firenze Gardens Hotel

3. Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Plaza Hotel

2. Windsor, Ohio
The imaginary town that the Actons lived in. Windsor College for Women based on Ursuline, one of the early women’s colleges, in Ohio, near Cleveland.

1. Abingdon, Ohio
The imaginary town that Hazel and Eva Logan lived in. Near the actual town of Kettering, Ohio.