A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You

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n Amy Bloom’s brilliant new short story collection, lives are illuminated in the midst of darkness, of thwarted and unexpected love, of families made and found. These are people we know and are, people we long to be and fear we may become: a mother grieves for her beloved daughter and the handsome young man surgery will make her; a woman with breast cancer, a frightened husband, and a best friend all discover that their lifelong triangle is not what any of them imagined; a couple survives the death of their newborn to find themselves in mortal combat with the world.

Sensuous, heartbreaking, spare, and laugh-out-loud funny, these tales take us straight to the unpredictable heart of real life, with rare generosity and and wit. Lionel and Julia, introduced, unforgettably, in Bloom’s prize-winning first collection, Come to Me, are brought together in two more linked stories about forgiveness, memory, and the tenacity of love.

And it is love, in each of these eight mesmerizing stories, that we follow, through uncertainty and hope, through the betrayals and gifts of the body, and it is Bloom’s flawless prose that leads us.


“Amy Bloom is possessed of great subtlety and rock-solid integrity. Her stories crackle with subvert revelation. She is a compassionate writer who, more important, loves the world too much to sentimentalize it.” – Michael Cunningham

“Amy Bloom gets more meaning into individual sentences than most authors manage in whole books” – New Yorker

“Amy Bloom’s masterful stories take place at the point where love and desire collide with convention. At once achingly funny and heartbreaking, these stories live on long past the print and the page.” – Jane Hamilton

“Exotic intimacies color [these] sharply wrought stories. … Ms. Bloom writes warmly and astutely, with arresting precision.” – New York Times

“Amy Bloom’s work takes ordinary lives under examination and discovers the strange elements that render no life ordinary. Her characters and situations give the sense of things happening for the first time to inimitable individuals.” – Robert Stone

“Excellent. … Bloom possesses that rarest of qualities in fictions writers: heart.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Witty, whip-smart and deeply moving. … Bloom’s tales are an exotic variety, blossoming with humor, empathy and insight.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Any new book by Amy Bloom is a cause for celebration and this fabulously titled collection of stories is no exception. … Bloom, already hailed as one of the best short story writers of her generation, is wickedly knowing with the sort of perfectly paced writing which can blow the reader away with the tiniest detail.” – The Times (London)