7 thoughts on “Another “best of 2007” list: Chicago Tribune

  1. Your book was a choice for our book club in Lake Wylie South Carolina. WE are called “The Pearlie Girls” (long story) We are about 25 women who meet 2 x a month once for a book review and once for a social or volunteer activity. The next discussion will be January 4 at my house for your book and I am anxious to discuss how everyone reacted to this riveting and emotional saga. What made you choose this character and her saga??? Will let you know how the discussion goes. Since I am a therapist , I can say you depicted Post Traumatic Stress disorder pretty well- For most of the beginning she was living and talking in a dream state – Lots kept happenning to her but there was little reaction. So typical of folks that have been through trauma like she was.

  2. What I loved about “Away”: wonderful, resilient, adaptive Lillian, and the way she could resonate with the culturally diverse personalities that she encountered throughout her dangerous journey! Thanks for a great read. I devoured most of it while doing time on a treadmill at the gym, using my new Kindle from Amazon.

  3. What does the last paragraph of the book mean?
    Did John rescue Lillian as her boat was sinking in the Yukon or was it a dream she had just before she died?

    Why is the last paragraph needed unless you are providing a lady or the tiger ending.

    The problem I have is that in the proceeding page she sees John walking,but here she sees his hand

  4. Can I arrange that Amy Bloom come for an author’s visit for a Hadassah Book Club meeting in Princeton, NJ?

  5. Amy Bloom – You broke my heart over and over again as I read “Love Invents Us.” How could I not love you. May you be blessed with your full compliment of 120 years. Renee Welfeld

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